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Alarm Response

Shield Security UK Ltd provides a fast, effective response to any security emergency or alarm activation.

Concerned about responding to an alarm?

We provide a fast, effective response to any security alarm activation.

Shield Security UK Ltd provides a fast, effective response to any security emergency or alarm activation by sending trained officers to investigate and take appropriate action when we become your key holder. This reduces the burden of your staff responding to alarms especially late at night or we could even arrange to meet one of your staff on site 24/7 during weekend and bank holidays.

1. Discuss your requirements

Contact us and talk to our security experts so they to gather all information required to put together a conclusive security proposal.

2. Site security audit

Once you're happy with our plan of action, we'll visit the site you're wanting to secure to finalise the plans with a site audit.

3. Property secure

All personnel servicing your contract are provided with comprehensive training to ensure service delivery.

On Alarm Activation

In the event of alarm activation, our response team will respond immediately, investigate the cause of the alarm and reset the alarm if the alarm does not appear to have been caused by an intruder. We then liaise with the alarm company and local police if necessary and arrange for any additional emergency services required such as boarding up.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information on Shield Security UK LTD alarm response.

Alarm response security is a security service that responds to your security alarm when triggered. The guard patrolling around that area goes to the targeted location and immediately takes action to mitigate the situation. This instant action can significantly reduce the chances of potential robberies.

If you want to make your surroundings more secure, there is nothing better than investing in a good alarm response security service. Some of the benefits of having an alarm response security service include:

Specially Trained Security Guards
The security team responding to the alarm is specially trained for such unexpected circumstances. They have the right training to deal with conditions such as intrusions and more. Moreover, if your alarm rings in other incidents such as a fire or electrical problem, the security team can help you call the right professionals to help you in your area.

Alarm Response creates a sense of safety
There is nothing more bothering than feeling insecure in your own home. Alarm response security services give you peace of mind by creating a sense of safety in your area or wherever you live.

All-Time Availability
Another enormous advantage of alarm response security is that it is available all the time. We have a security team that patrols 24/7 and monitor the activities or unusual happenings surrounding the area. They have the right tools such as walkie-talkies or GPS mapping that also helps them to reach the hotspots faster reducing response time and helps in effective help.

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