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We use state of the art monitoring software to ensure out clients properties are protected around the clock.

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Remote CCTV monitoring services provide commercial properties, business locations and construction sites with a peace of mind security solution that doesn’t require the hiring of additional security staff around the clock. With Shield Security remotely monitoring your CCTV systems, you have the assurance of 24/7 security in place that is cost-effective and managed by highly skilled and reactive personnel.

1. Discuss your requirements

Contact us and talk to our security experts so they to gather all information required to put together a conclusive security proposal.

2. Site security audit

Once you're happy with our plan of action, we'll visit the site you're wanting to secure to finalise the plans with a site audit.

3. Property secure

All personnel servicing your contract are provided with comprehensive training to ensure service delivery.

Monitored CCTV systems

Remotely monitored CCTV can deter intruders through the implementation of audio warnings and ensuring immediate action is always taken, whether by contacting key-holders or emergency services, to minimise both risk and damage to property and assets. When using unmonitored CCTV in your business, recorded footage can only be retrospectively reviewed: after the damage has already occurred and the intruder has likely already left the area.

Shield Security (UK) Ltd CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring Specialists

CCTV monitoring provides security surveillance to protect you, your business, or your home from criminal activity. We use state of the art technology to react to emergencies rapidly, acting as a deterrent that effectively stops intruders. When you’re away, our remote monitoring can provide you with ultimate peace of mind. Integration with public address systems allows for personalised warnings to be given to intruders before a crime has been committed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We try to keep disturbance to a minimum in all locations, however in residential areas we appreciate that this becomes even more important. Because our monitoring staff assess each individual alarm we only respond to genuine threats, minimising the disturbance caused to residents and pedestrians.

No, the surveillance equipment we install work using detection software that alerts staff based on detected movement. Although the cameras are recording 24/7 we only view the cameras once an alarm has been triggered or the camera detects movement. During working hours when the system is unarmed we will not view any images.

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