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Shield Security offer a range of specialist security services to suit your needs use the latest and best technology.

Welcoming concierge security service

leaving a good impression to visitors

Our concierge security guards are SIA licenced as standard. The unique part of our concierge service is displayed through our guard’s customer service skills. Shield Security train our staff to treat every event, short term or long-term security requirement with the same professionalism and with equal enthusiasm. Our guards represent the face of our company through their expert knowledge of their role, your company and our morals.

1. Discuss your requirements

Contact us and talk to our security experts so they to gather all information required to put together a conclusive security proposal.

2. Site security audit

Once you're happy with our plan of action, we'll visit the site you're wanting to secure to finalise the plans with a site audit.

3. Property secure

All personnel servicing your contract are provided with comprehensive training to ensure service delivery.

Multi-Skilled Concierge Security

When you hire Shield security guards, you’ll not only be getting a security team with vast experience in concierge security, but many other skills. Each member is trained in first aid, telephony duties, front of house and reception skills. We’re certain that what you’re seeking in a concierge security company is what we’ve spent 30 years sustaining. Whatever challenges our security team will face, such as encounters with people with no authorised access to the premises, we will do our utmost to protect everyone consistently. 

First-class Customer Service

We know that first-class customer service is an essential duty for concierge staff. You want someone who will always be well-presented, courteous and assist anyone and everyone. Our security team can wear alternative formal guard uniform on request, to fit in to your business’ brand. We also train our concierge security in telephony and reception duties to ensure your business runs smoothly. Meeting and greeting customers are what our staff will endeavour to always fulfil, no matter how busy the environment or how stressful the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Keep visitors safe and informed
Our concierge security guards’ primary role is to secure premises and personnel by patrolling property, inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points, permitting entry to authorised personnel only.

Many business owners are unaware of the security risks that they face daily. However, without concierge guards protecting the building from issues and keeping residents safe and informed, many businesses are vulnerable to theft, violence and vandalism.

Immaculate presentation
In many cases, concierge guards are dressed smartly. For example, they may wear a suit and tie, polished shoes and a shirt with an emblem on the left chest pocket. Uniforms will, of course, vary from one business to another; however, as part of the ‘front of house’, companies often have preferences towards smart, highly visual security staff.

Rapid response
A professional SIA concierge security guard is quick to respond, so you can rest easy knowing help is at hand. For example, if there was an aggressive customer creating chaos in your workplace, it could take the police over 20 minutes to reach your location; by this time, he or she could have caused severe harm. With a concierge guard on hand to take action promptly, you can avoid such an unpleasant situation.

Deliver a sense of security throughout your building
The presence of security guards also provides a sense of security to the business owners, staff and customers. Your employees can perform better in a safe environment with no fear for their safety or personal belongings. Besides, having security around your premises will boost employee retention – primarily if you sell high-end products like jewellery or financial services that require delicate information exchange between customer and company representative.

Concierge services are increasing in popularity. Not just for businesses. People spend more work hours away from their residences.
Many small and large residences and mixed-use buildings are moving to use a security concierge, for much the same reason as businesses. They check which guests are signing in and out, and receive packages and parcels.
They can report any suspicious activity that could be connected to theft or trespassing, or some other rule breach you want to know about. It’s a great way to find out if someone is renting through Airbnb.

When you enter a building and see a serious security guard, what do you think about? If you’re like most people, you’ll assume that crime has been an issue there, and feel unsafe.
A security concierge is different, in that their role is to receive guests and act as a sort of front-of-house. Visitors and staff recognize that the concierge is there as part of making a building run smoothly, not just to deter crime.
The irony is that one of their key roles is building security since they are constantly monitoring risks. But when guests and employees see a known, friendly face directing them to sign-in protocols, they feel safe.
That’s a key difference between a cold security guard and friendly security concierge for your business.

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