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Empty Property Security

Empty premises such as redundant residential or commercial buildings, storage yards or remote vehicle parks are particularly vulnerable to theft or damage by intruders.

Protecting your property from unwanted visitors

secur­ing a prop­er­ty util­is­ing sim­ple deter­rents

When properties become vacant, they become an easy target for unwanted trespassers like squatters and vandals. Even seemingly innocent visits from those with less malicious intentions such as urban explorers can cause damage to a property and leave the owner with an unwanted repair bill. We believe it’s the owners of a vacant property and the owners alone that should have access to a property.

1. Discuss your requirements

Contact us and talk to our security experts so they to gather all information required to put together a conclusive security proposal.

2. Site security audit

Once you're happy with our plan of action, we'll visit the site you're wanting to secure to finalise the plans with a site audit.

3. Property secure

All personnel servicing your contract are provided with comprehensive training to ensure service delivery.

Why secure emp­ty property?

Well secured, pro­tect­ed and main­tained vacant prop­er­ties will be less dam­ag­ing to the local com­mu­ni­ty, attract less van­dal­ism, arson and theft, and be bet­ter pre­pared for re-occu­pan­cy or resale. Well main­tained and secure emp­ty prop­er­ties pro­mote bet­ter neigh­bour­hoods and main­tain their value. Well main­tained and secure emp­ty prop­er­ties are low­er insur­ance risks. Shield Security can ensure that the proper procedures are in place to meet current regulations governing the insurance of vacant property.

Vacant Property Security

Our team of highly trained mobile patrol officers can make the regular inspections necessary to satisfy all the insurance requirements relating to such properties. By maintaining a regular presence at a property, patrol officers can also ensure a regular reporting process is in place to enable a proactive response to a variety of problems, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

More information on Shield Security UK LTD empty property security.

There are many risks that are associated with vacant properties, including but not limited to:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Squatters
  • Illegal/suspicious activity

These risks are significantly heightened the longer a property remains unoccupied for, but there are other indirect risks that are associated with vacant properties, including the impact it has on the local economy and property/house prices in the area.

A high number of vacant properties and houses can make a location appear undesirable, either because they’re indicative of a failing economy or because empty properties can attract opportunist criminals like thieves which puts people off. This might not directly impact your property, but should you wish to occupy the property once more or sell it in the future, you stand the risk of losing money on your investment.

There are a number of ways you can secure a vacant property depending on the premises type and how long it’s going to be vacant for. If you’re looking to secure a vacant residential property, you can install fencing/gates, security alarms, CCTV cameras or extra lighting. 

One of the best way of securing a vacant property is hiring a specialist security team such as Shield Security to ensure the property is safe and secure.


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